Allure Mansur’s “Burj Heels” have officially launched in two neutral colors: Noir 120 and Army Green 120. This Burj Heel Capsule Collection is part of our Permanent Collection. The Burj Heels are perfect additions for both minimilistas and over the top fashionistas alike as the Noir 120 provides endless styling options in this classic jet-black color, while the Army Green is what designer Rula Mansur coined as the perfect “INCLUSIVE NEUTRAL” for ALL skin tones and complexions…. The Burj Heel provides you with the option to make a plethora of empowering statements through the semi-customizable interchangeable gemstones located on the back of the heel.

With one heel, you can make one hundred statements! That, and you’ll be turning heads while you’re at it because these EXCLUSIVE artisanal heels are available in limited quantities to ensure only a select number of exclusive clientele and luxury micro-boutiques carry these heels!

Each year, we focus on a social and environmental message aimed to raise awareness and implement change – one step at a time!

Rula Mansur, founder and creative director at Allure Mansur, explains, “Each year we launch one collection of the exclusive Burj Heels focused on social and environmental change. This year, I am honored to launch with ‘Burj Arabia’ – to support and bring awareness to the women’s economic empowerment initiatives that are transforming the Middle East from sands to skyscrapers!”

Thank you for your interest in Allure Mansur’s Burj Heels.