Sky-High, Burj (Tower) Heel in Noir (Black) 120mm .

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The “Burj” (Tower) Heel is part of our permanent collection. Dubbed Burj Heel Arabia, it features a classic design with a sky-high architectural heel inspired by the opulence and evolving skylines in the Middle East from “SANDS to SKYSCRAPERS”. Burj Heel Arabia symbolizes global economic empowerment.
By default, each black heel comes with a magnetic Black Onyx gemstone and is semi-customizable through the interchangeable gemstones.
(Coline Strap and additional gemstones are available in our accessories and can be purchased separately here).
Patented Design
Gold Leather Soles
Interchangeable Gemstones
Jet Black Calfskin Leather
Made in Italy
120mm (12cm/4.6in)
Gold, Metal Heel
Gemstone: Black Onyx (Black) – This heel comes with the Black Onyx Gemstone by default. 


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