The Launch: It’s official! The Burj Heel which debuted on International Women’s Day 2019 is now available for pre-order! We launched our permanent capsule collection colors in Black and Army Green as inclusive neutral colors to work with all ethnicities and skin tones. These 120mm Italian-made, luxury gold heels are essentials in bringing awareness to social and environmental causes, as well as for making a bold empowerment statement!  The Burj Heels are available for preorder as of March 8, 2019 and will ship on June 24, 201. This special date marks the first day in which women will be permitted to drive in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thus promoting female empowerment and entrepreneurship, which we promote globally!

Where to Buy: The 2019 permanent Burj Heel capsule collection, dubbed “Burj Heel Arabia”, will remain in our permanent collection and will be available for sale through our website by clicking HERE.

Kindly Note: All future limited edition annual collections are available as special orders only. Please join the mailing list and/or fill the contact form to be notified of waitlist opportunities.

Burj Heel 120 makes its debut on International Women’s Day

Appreciation: A message from our founder Rula Mansur: “Thank you all for your support in the success of our luxury startup with a mission!”

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